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Interview With Andrew Prince Dean of Multicultural Education at Taft School
Elizabeth Kostina

Andrew Prince earned a Master of Arts in private school leadership from the Klingenstein Center Teachers College at Columbia University. His teaching career includes graduate studies work at the Dalton...

Interview with Rick Holifield, Dean of Diversity, Inclusion, and Community Engagement, and Sam Washington, Associate Dean of Admission and the School’s Director of Multicultural Affairs, at Lawrenceville Academy
Elizabeth Kostina

"To reframe it - when kids walk across the stage when they leave Lawrenceville after 3-4 years, one of the hopes is that very kid that walks across the stage...

How Will We Walk Our Cities in The Future? The Contexts and Meaning of How We Walk – Perceive and Build (Urban) Space
Martina Dreßelt

Every day, we humans move within different (urban) spaces for different reasons. Thanks to digitalization and new technologies (such as micro-mobility), the society is worldwide more mobile than ever before....

Empowering Cities through Data Driven Governance (E-Governance)
Amna Azeem

A city’s administration holds supreme responsibility for securing a data-driven city. Using data to manage city operations and service delivery is significant as data is the heart of a smart...