Conscious Design includes places, spaces and objects that have an awareness of, and responsibility towards people. The concept emerged out of the Conscious Cities Manifesto which advocates for the integration of technology and Science-Informed Design in order to create a healthier, more inclusive, and democratic built environment.

What is The Centre for Conscious Design?

The Centre for Conscious Design (CCD) is an interdisciplinary grassroots think tank focused on using design to address complex issues facing society today and in the future. To us, the continued urbanisation of the world population presents both challenges and opportunities to build an environment that maximizes human potential and improves physical and mental wellbeing, equity, and resilience.

What is the relationship of the centre to the Conscious Cities movement?

The centre emerged out of the Conscious Cities movement. The CCD strives to promote the mission of the movement- spurring dialogue, research, publications and events focused on cultivating conscious cities. The CCD consists of an international network of scientists, designers, technologists and community experts passionate about socially conscious design. We believe that as a democratic and grassroots movement, Conscious Cities should stay open to anyone wishing to engage in related research and practice. Anyone can organise Conscious Cities events or publications and we will do our best to support that work if invited to do so.

The Centre’s Goals


Raise awareness of how people are shaped and affected by our built environment.


Cultivate networks of interdisciplinary experts passionate about human-centric, socially conscious, and science-informed design.


Publish resources and produce events that support a science-informed, socially conscious, and multidisciplinary approach to architecture and urban design.


Advocate for human-centred decision making in architecture and urban design.


Bring foresight to the development of conscious (aware and sentient) architecture and urban design.