Selected articles from Anthologies

Mark Bessoudo
Reviewing the trends in the building industry towards human-centred design.
Meredith Banasiak
Recent neuroscience studies suggest that the brain is engaged in learning and planning activities during certain offline behaviors, including...
Bill Witherspoon
David A. Navarrete Maciel
How can architects, designers and facility planners mitigate the deleterious impact of isolated spaces on occupants?
Dr. Bobby Nisha
Bryony Olney
Can virtual reality become a viable tool for informing design?
Alexandra Indira Sanyal
Questioning the fundamental values and established orthodoxy of historic preservation principles to further understand social impact.
Qendra Marrëdhënie
Mariana Pereira Guimarães
Which indicators could be used to measure the wellbeing of children in the built environment?