Conscious Cities Festival 2020 Waiver Form

Conscious Cities Festival 2020
18-24 October 2020

Release Form for Conscious Cities Festival 2020 Speakers and Workshop Participants:

I give consent for my presentation to be videotaped or my speech recorded at the Conscious Cities Festival 2020 (Event) organized by the Centre for Conscious Design (Host) and affiliated chapters (Organizers). I further grant permission for the Organizer to reproduce this Material as part of the Organizer's Digital Video archives, and to further distribute the Material without restriction or limitation for educational/nonprofit use.

Accordingly, I give the Organizer and Host the right to use my name, image, voice, pronouncements and any biographical material submitted by me in connection with the Event named above and for any associated advertising or exhibition. I will contact the organizer if I wish to personally inspect or approve any such use of my image, voice, pronouncements etc.

I hereby release and discharge the Organizer and Host from any liability arising out of my participation in the Event. All permissions and releases granted by me herein shall be effective in perpetuity and extend and apply to Organizer and Host and its assigns, contractors, sublicensed distributors, successors, and agents. Any materials used in my presentation contain the work of other individuals or organizations (including any copyrighted musical compositions or excerpts thereof), I understand that it is my responsibility to secure any necessary permissions and/or licenses and will provide them in writing to Organizer and/or properly credit the individuals or organizations for their work.

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A look at the conscious city as the conscious decisions of the people who live within it, practically meaning their participation and contribution to the commons.

The urban state of being refers to the intangible vibe of a city. Shaping it in future habitats is one of humanity’s greatest challenges; determining how to be.  
In serving both the civic and economic, a city can, as Benjamin Franklin once mused, do well by doing good.

Johnson Market, Richmond Town Sindhu Tadikonda | RVCA

In preparation for the 2020 Conscious Cities Festival Denver event, Shaping Health, Conscious Denver will be featuring the work of our event speakers to share how they are impacting change...
Reviewing the trends in the building industry towards human-centred design.