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The project revolves around revitalization of the Johnson Market that essentially houses meat, fish and vegetable markets. In order to make the market a thriving node and tie it with the urban fabric of Bengaluru, an addition of a Culinary School, Incubation Kitchens and Restaurants is done. With the coming up of the Metro Station on the opposite edge, the site helps connect at a city level.

The existent Johnson Market Hosur Road edge behaves as an important gathering space for students, elderly residents and daily hawkers. Therefore, it is essential to preserve and revitalize that edge and not disturb the ‘Occupational Territory’. 

Current Site Conditions and Forces:

Site Plan showing: 

                Road Connections


                Existing Vegetation


This diagram indicates that the site has no level differences, and has access from all four sides.


Site Plan showing the existent built pattern.

This diagram indicates that the site there is currently no open space in the vicinity and the site needs to be able to accommodate an opening gathering space.

Site Plan showing the current pedestrian density.

The diagram indicates that majority of the pedestrian density is concentrated on the Hosur Road edge showing strong occupational territory.



User Experience and Schemas:

The main user groups that design addresses are:  1. Students

  1. Market Customers
  2. Market Sellers
  3. Culinary School Staff and Students
  4. Restaurant Customers
  5. Neighbours and Kids


Larger Idea and Intent:

To create a space that has a good visual access and connect to the various activities that the site houses; to make the building as ‘Transparent’ as possible.

Site Strategies:

Ground Level Activity Distribution:

Sindhu Tadikonda

An undergraduate architecture student, currently in my 4th year, on a self-driven ride to explore the various layers of architecture and their sub- conscious influence on the human mind.

Currently in the process of attempting to decode the numerous deeply interconnected layers of Architecture. I also have great interest in movies, production design and dogs, I believe they are the only beings that can balance the chaos of being an architecture student.


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