Living with the Pandemic

As countries juggle with lockdown, globally we have reached a moment of acceptance. That life has to move on amidst this pandemic. What we knew as ‘safe living’ has now been redefined. Whether we agree or not our routine practices need subtle alterations to adapt to the new normal. We need to think twice before socialising. Maybe become healthily obsessed with hand washing and sanitizing for 20 seconds. Follow the footsteps of the South-East Asians and change our facial identity - become the people with masks when out. Communicate with the eyes, maybe.

The fact is though, these are easy to type but difficult to change and follow. The real challenge is in achieving this new social norm through our behaviours. We all intend to be safe. However, there are many internal and external factors that impede our followthrough. And the impediment is not just awareness. As mere awareness does not guarantee action.

But not to worry. In the history of knowing humans, this is the first time we have hard empirical evidence on how we behave and decide. From encouraging doctors to adhere to hand hygiene to encouraging the public to choose frequent medical testing, there is ample evidence to which communication and interventions impact behaviours. When else to apply these learnings than now!?

Living with pandemic, is an initiative led by Srilakshmi, a Social Behavioural Strategist, in collaboration with Conscious Bengaluru. The team has taken it up on us to collate these evidences. Use them to bring out creative behaviour change interventions for all to use in their own spaces. To help all of us cope with this new style of living. So check out this space every week. Pick the ones that fit your space.

We will fight together and change together.

Just play TAG!

Our first evidenced creative is a game. Yes. You heard it right. Designed for closed office spaces: Just play tag!

  Lets play tag

What if your office is a playground? The game runs the entire day and each day has multiple winners. And the gameplay is simple.


Never get tagged by corona.

If you get tagged, you are IT!

That is,

You touch high contact surfaces,

You are IT!


You should immediately untag yourself.


Sanitize your hands with sanitiser.

Go wash your hands.

Stay at 6ft distance from the other,

Even in conference rooms.

Reduce surface area contact with

Doors and handrails.


Are you untagged at the end of the day?

If you are, you win.

One day at a time.


Enjoy this game of tag to fight corona. Download the entire deck below. Just print them out on a simple A4 sheet, cut them where needed, and strategically stick them as shown! We are in this together. And why not have some fun while we fight it together!? Afterall, using fun theory such as this, the piano staircase encouraged more than 66% of commuters into using the staircase! Not just that. Tag stickers are suggested to be pasted at the point of action. Thereby hoping to nudge you towards untagging. A full circle.

For Feedback

Do reach out to us at sriiyer[email protected] and [email protected] to share your feedback on behavioural changes with these interventions at your workplace. At the moment all creatives are available only in English. Reach out to us if you need them in other languages. We will do our best to get back to you sooner, in your preferred language. Meanwhile, stay safe, cope well.

   Lets play tag


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