Part-Time Internship: Website Development Fellow

Fellow for Website Development - No Experience Needed

The Centre for Conscious Design is seeking a motivated and talented intern to help us develop our webpage and ensure we provide the best experience to our site users. This internship is part-time and remote.

Who are you?

  • You are ready and willing to learn & self-motivated
  • You have a passion for the Conscious Cities Movement
  • You aren't afraid to share new ideas for changes & upgrades

What would give you an extra edge?

  • You’ve worked with WordPress.
  • You have an eye for design as well as development
  • You’re familiar with our organization and the movement
  • You are not afraid to voice your opinion and imagine new evolutions for our webpage
  • You consider the User Experience and human side of design
  • You communicate well, especially with non-technical people
  • You love to dive into new things: learn new technologies, fix things you’ve never seen before.
  • You have a bit of experience in website development - particularly to create sites that merge research with network building and create content accessible across numerous countries.

Who are we?

The Centre for Conscious Design (CCD) is an international and interdisciplinary grassroots think tank focused on using design to address complex issues facing society today and in the future. To us, the continued urbanization of the world population presents both challenges and opportunities to build an environment that maximizes human potential and improves physical and mental wellbeing, equity, and resilience. By joining our team, you would help usher the Conscious Cities movement to new and unprecedented heights - connecting with leading experts and changemakers around the world.


Fellowships are unpaid positions or can be done for course credit. However, The CCD offers fellows opportunities for publishing, international networking opportunities, professional development, research experience, and exposure for the fellow’s work. Our network spans across the globe and we are open to suggestions on how we can best support our fellows.

Location: Virtual / remote

Job Type: Part-time

Schedule: flexible to your schedule; About 10 hrs a week

Check us out at

If you believe you would be a good fit please send a short message and resume to [email protected] or apply through linked-in

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