Puncture in Fabric

The context of M.G. Road, Church street, and surrounding areas is a woven dense fabric with juxtaposing social and public activity layers. The project addresses the need for respite in this urban fabric by creating a punture in form of a plaza. The essense of the site, its vigour and spirit is sustained by continuous interaction of market and performance spaces with the puncture (plaza).

Focus - the void of plaza and how it encloses the market and performances to enhance the experience o
f lingering people.

Personal interest - Hole in the dense fabric of the built and its effect on thoughts of the lingering population based on patterns of usage of space.



Soumya Gupta

An architecture student involved in psychology, philosophy, and poetry with simultaneous interest in travel and research. I hope to unfold layers of cultural and social character by connecting apparent randomness. Interested in the relationship of subconscious human mind to the built and unbuilt, I aim to explore the tools for the same and design with awareness.

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How can we make sure that insights from research are implemented effectively in a project process?

How do we manifest the best of our values and systems through spaces in our Cities? Through Conscious Design. 
'Smart' as a means for improving, designing and building our cities has reached a tipping point of acceptability.

Towards a conscious design process in the context of the on-going social production and reproduction of the human built environment.

What is it that makes these spaces more comfortable, both psychologically and physiologically, for some people more than others?
Reviewing the trends in the building industry towards human-centred design.