Quarantined Humans of New York: Call for Submissions

To all those of logical or expansive minds. To the makers of mischief and creative dissidents. To the cyber chasers immersed in the dataverse, the woodland fairies fumbling in thickets, and the book worms who fall asleep to the lul’ of  sweet sonnets. To those on the front lines one the global warfare we call COVID-19. To all young in heart or age. To all and any youth, young adults, adults, and seniors in New York, we call upon you. We want to hear your story; see your experience; feel your truth in the time of COVID-19. We call upon you to share with us how quarantine and social distancing has affected your life, your mindset, your wellbeing, and your relationships. We invite you to dig deep, to peer into your soul, and reflect upon how COVID-19 has altered the fabric of your existence, life, work, and being for better or worse.

Inspired by Humans of New York, we hope you will join us in this story-telling event for the ages. With your help, we hope to depict an inclusive, democratized, and unfiltered account of how COVID-19 re-shaped the fabric of everyday life in New York. By taking a grassroots approach, we hope to concoct an all-inclusive narrative of our shared history as it unfolds.

We encourage you to depict this change in any artistic medium you deem best captures how your life has changed due to COVID-19. Perhaps this takes the form of an article, an artistic reaction, a video, a poem, a painting, photographs, a spell book, or a recipe. Submissions can be sent to Grace at grace@theccd.org.

We look forward to experiencing and sharing your story.

Organized by the Center for Conscious Design and the Conscious New York Chapter

To learn more about Conscious New York and how to get involved, please email Grace at grace@theccd.org.

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