Shaping Health, Denver 2020

In light of current world events, shaping health has never been more important for our cities. Now more than ever, we experience firsthand how our environments play a role in putting people at risk of death, and in saving lives. The environment is being called to contribute as a first responder in reducing COVID-19 spread and in treating patients, and will play an important role in the next urban revitalization to create health-promoting, disease combating infrastructures.

We look forward to exploring the question, “How is Denver Shaping Health?” at the Conscious Cities Festival in October 2020. While we cannot predict how we might answer this question differently by October, we are confident that bringing together cross-disciplinary experts  can inform how we work collectively towards a healthier, more responsive and adaptive city. We are grateful to the University of Colorado Denver, College of Architecture and Planning for partnering with us on this October 2020 event.

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