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The CDMX chapter emerges from the necessity to have a space for dialogue
between experts, civil society, policymakers, and local communities.
Where research, analysis, and proposal of ideas and projects where
science/practice-based design are the drivers to reach an inclusive,
equitable and healthy city, that interacts and responds to all its
voices, a Conscious CDMX.

Delving into the human centric approach of an inclusive environment through design, beliefs and cultural heritage.
The intersectionality and imprint of history, diaspora and spirituality.

The Boston Chapter brings together a diverse group to promote a healthier, sustainable public realm. It offers a venue for architects, planners, entrepreneurs. biotech experts, students and the public at large to get together and collaborate in new ways. The chapter encourages inter-disciplinary thinking and bridge building between the arts and sciences. It looks at bringing greater understanding of how humans function to the general community, to encourage healthier and happier place-making.

Subliminal responses direct our behavior in the built environment more than most realize. In this chapter, we focus on the impact of architecture on the human body and brain to better understand our ‘unconscious’ experience around buildings.

Conscious Lahore Chapter is a multi-disciplinary think tank that focuses on the city-wide challenges of Lahore. We create urban awareness through research and explore design strategies aiming to address the unprecedent combination of complex urban issues we face today. We promote people-centric development that leads to healthy, resilient and sustainable urban environment.

About 380 million children under 5 years old live in cities around the world, and around 1 million neural connections are formed every second in a young child’s brain, shaped by their interactions with people and space. This domain explores how conscious design can contribute to shaping cities into an environment for all young children to develop to their full potential.

We are the London chapter of the Conscious Cities Movement. As fellows of the Centre for Conscious Design (CCD), we are a multidisciplinary team focused on human-centred, socially-conscious and science-informed approaches.

The CCD is an international grassroots think tank focused on using conscious design to alleviate complex social and urban issues. The “conscious design” concept emerged out of the Conscious Cities movement which advocates for a healthier, more socially-aware and democratic built environment.

The CCD consists of an international network of experts, researchers and practitioners across a range of fields, including architecture, design, science, technology, engineering and planning. We strive to promote the mission of the Conscious Cities movement by encouraging dialogue, supporting research and hosting events.

Conscious Bengaluru is a cross-disciplinary think tank that engages with the city through investigative research in urban neuroaesthetics and science-informed design practice.

Conscious Gurugram is an investigation into becoming a conscious city, a city that promotes wellness and equity for all. As a multidisciplinary think-tank, we research and advocate the use of human-centered approach to designing the future of cities that is more livable.

As the first African chapter on the Conscious Cities platform, Conscious Accra’s goal is to spark intergenerational and interdisciplinary conversations, exploring how the decisions made by adults today are impacting the young people poised to become tomorrow’s urban caretakers. While many of the issues facing Accra are global, we also aim to highlight ideas, experiences, and exchanges that are specific to urban Africa.