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Working through perspectives of both designers and “non-designers,” in this domain we explore the social and political locations of the designed urban environment, as well as collaborative and participatory design processes and ways of working that make both the process of planning and outcomes democratic. Likewise, these contributions acknowledge the different ways in which design always happens in a social, cultural and political context.

Conscious Bengaluru is a cross-disciplinary think tank that engages with the city through investigative research in urban neuroaesthetics and science-informed design practice.

Social urbanism focuses not just on the humans in the urban jungle but also on their relations to an entire ecosystem that is essential for healthy and prosperous cities.

1 billion children are currently growing up in cities, of which about 380 million are under 5 years old. Around 1 million neural connections are formed every second in a young child’s brain. This means that every second, roughly 380 trillion of new neural connections happen in the brains of babies and toddlers across cities around the world.

Urban century is all about innovation. Data Driven Design explores the meaning of technology in cities and how it contributes towards quality of life. DDD uses data analytics, smart design strategies and tools to address wide challenges of cities and finding new ways to redefine city governance and service delivery.

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