Conscious Accra

Conscious Accra

As the first African chapter on the Conscious Cities platform, Conscious Accra’s goal is to spark intergenerational and interdisciplinary conversations, exploring how the decisions made by adults today are impacting the young people poised to become tomorrow’s urban caretakers. While many of the issues facing Accra are global, we also aim to highlight ideas, experiences, and exchanges that are specific to urban Africa.


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Amowi Phillips
Rachel Phillips


Beata Patuszyńska

There are almost 1,4 million children aged 7-12 living in urban areas§ in Poland, who constitute 6% of the population. It is a...

Natasha Reid

What would our built environment look like if we took our emotional, psychological and social needs today as the starting point for creating our surroundings?

Julien Vincelot

Density of brain connections in the brain, by age. : Adapted from Corel, JL. The postnatal development of the human cerebral cortex. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University...