Neuroscience for Architecture

Neuroscience for Architecture

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Robin Mazumder
David A. Navarrete Maciel
Natalia Olszewska
Miriam Hoffman


Wendi Yan

How can we can expand the idea of “awe” into a more secular setting for architectural design using neuroscience?

Nikos A. Salingaros

What are the opportunities and obstacles ahead for neuroscience and architecture?

Mihaela Mitrovic

Human brains are weird, glorious and driven by a delicate yet robust interplay of various opposing forces. 

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What does it mean to ask whether a city is conscious?

Donald H. Ruggles

How can neuroscience, biology and psychology inform architecture's quest for beauty, and what does it mean for our wellbeing?

Alvaro Puertas Villavicencio

Where does architecture start, and where does it end? Exploring the body-mind-world dynamic to understand our relationship to space.