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Conscious Monterrey aims to engage policy makers, designers, researchers, artists, students and enthusiasts alike towards a productive outcome for the common good.
Conscious Monterrey tiene como objetivo involucrar a los legisladores, diseñadores, investigadores, estudiantes y entusiastas hacia un resultado productivo para el bien común.

Welcome to Conscious LIMA!
As one of the chapters that shape the Conscious Cities Movement, we are convinced that every and each of us is essential to the creation of architecture and cities that emanate well-being. We believe cities of well-being are conscious cities: cities that function as platform for human beings to bring to fruition their full potential, cities designed by conscious architects with the purpose to generate equal opportunities for everyone to create and live in a just, safe, healthy and sustainable world.

What does conscious design mean in a modern desert city in the Southwest US? How can we channel conscious design in Phoenix to better address both local and global challenges? Conscious Phoenix looks to tackle these issues, while utilizing conscious design applied locally as a lens to add insight to the global discourse.

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Adelaide is built on an ancient place, on the plains between pristine oceans and an ancient mountain belt. It is a unique geographical, ecological and cultural place, that has been to home Kaurna people for many thousands of years, as one of humanity's longest living cultures. It has a thriving arts and cultural festivals and great universities - all surrounded by parkland, pristine coastline and productive food and wine regions.

As part of Global Conscious Cities Festival, Conscious Adelaide will focus on bringing the voice of young people to conversations about the identity, mood, mindsets and meanings of the place, in a festival of questions and conversations about what it means ‘to be’ Adelaide, now and into the future.

Conscious Milan is a panel of scholars, architects, planners who share their vision on the future of our cities, establishing new foundations for a new and shared conscious planning.

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Conscious Denver welcomes cross-disciplinary engagement to accelerate progress in developing greater urban awareness and adaptation for the purpose of optimizing person-environment interactions using Denver, Colorado, USA as a case study city.