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Conscious Paris is led by [S]CITY, a team of experts in urbanism and cognitive science. Our mission is to reflect on how urban environments can better address individuals’ cognitive, affective and social needs, and help communities face upcoming challenges. We believe that embracing multidisciplinarity is an essential step in this direction.

An exploratory domain for all musings of things architecture and its infinite intersections.

Design Innovation is developing processes, strategies and tools for transforming design culture across education, research and practice.

Culture plays an important role in shaping behaviors and cognition of space users. Now more than ever we live in multicultural communities. Understanding needs of inhabitants with various backgrounds helps to design spaces that embrace collaboration, trust and respect. In the times of design globalization, when similar solutions are realized in various, remote parts of the globe, it is vital to understand local needs, traditions and habits to successfully adapt these solutions without harming local social environment. We research the influence of culture on perception and behavioral patterns associated with space. We investigate vernacular design practices rooted in different cultures to understand their impact on users’ behavior and cognition. If you are interested in contributing to this domain please let us know!

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