56 Urban Unraveling and Utopia Symposium 2019 – Towards an Inclusive City for Holistic Wellbeing
27 July, 2019






A segue for Conscious Cities Movement in Bengaluru (pincode 56 - - - -), 56 Urban Unraveling and Utopia
is an initiative that yearns to draw bridges between Architecture, Urban Design, Planning, Governance,
Psychology, Neuroscience, Social Science, and the Arts. By bringing together professionals, academics,
students, performing artists, activists, and enthusiastic citizens, we aim to ‘unravel, identify, and investigate’
key issues to wellbeing and inclusion within Bengaluru. 56 UUU will not only examine the city’s ethos through
practice-based research and design solutions but also curate artistic ‘utopias’ as counterpoints.