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Linking Financial and Social Profit | The Economic Potential of Neuroscience for Architecture

UTC: 26 October, 2018  (18:00)
EST : 26 October, 2018
CET : 26 October, 2018
IST : 26 October, 2018
ACST : 27 October, 2018

It is clear that the initiative to improve people's wellbeing through better designed environments is universally supported. However, the economic pro

Featured Speakers

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Davide Ruzzon

Italian Chapter Director

Davide Ruzzon is an architect and the director of TUNED, a group that works both in research and design applying neuroscience to architecture, and it is part of the Milan-based office Lombardini22. He is also the scientific director of the Postgraduate Master’s program NAAD ‘Neuroscience Applied to Architectural Design’ at IUAV, Venice. He is also a member of the European Healthcare Conference’s Program Committee that is held each year in London. Together with Sarah Robinson and Alessandro Gattara, he is co-editor of the new architecture magazine ‘Intertwining’ published by Mimesis International. He and Vittorio Gallese jointly wrote “Tuned Architecture” (2016) and “L’architettura delle differenze” (2013). He also wrote and edited various collections of essays, run the editorial staff of Anfione Zeto, and organised seminars and conventions. 

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Alice Hollenstein

Deputy Manager, Center for Urban & Real Estate Management, University of Zurich

Alice Hollenstein is the founder of Urban Psychology Consulting & Research. She is also the deputy managing director of the Center for Urban & Real Estate Management at the University of Zurich and lecturer for Urban Psychology at the TU Berlin. Previously Alice has worked in marketing. She holds a MSc in Psychology, Economics and Environmental Sciences.

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Michela Balconi

Professor of Neuropsychology and Cognitive Neuroscience at UCSC, Milan

Michela Balconi, PhD, is Professor of Neuropsychology and Cognitive Neuroscience at the Faculty of Psychology of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart - UCSC, Milan. She is also Director and Scientific and Educational Coordinator of the Second-level Master Program in Clinical Neuroscience. She is the Head of the Research Unit in Affective and Social Neuroscience, which – thanks to its international, young, and active team – carries out basic and applied research in the fields of neuropsychology and of affective, cognitive and social neurosciences. Michela is also founder and Editor-in-Chief of the international peer-reviewed journal Neuropsychological Trends

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Giuseppe Roma

President of Urban Research Institute, Professor of Urban Management

Giuseppe Roma is present President of the think tank RUR (Urban Research Institute). He is a professor of urban management (since 1997), Vice President of Touring Club Italiano and Coordinator of the International Scientific Committee of the Cittaslow World Network. He has served for 20 years (1993 - 2014) as Director General at CENSIS Foundation (1993 - 2014). He was editor of the “Report of Social Situation of Italy” (1994 -2013) and published Industry of Beauty (2018) Global Fears ( 2009), The richness of Italian territory (i 2003).

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Francesco Bicciato

Italian Sustainable Investment Forum

Francesco worked as a programme manager for the United Nations and for other public and private international organisations. Since 1990s he has been a promoter of ethical finance and has managed microcredit and social finance organisations. He was vice-president of FEBEA (European Federation of Ethical and Alternative Banks). Francesco is widely published on sustainable finance and international co-operation. He is a PhD graduate in political and economic geography from the University of Padova.

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Franco Guidi

Founder and Partner CEO at Lombardini22

In Lombardini22 Franco’s fields of intervention are strategy, human resources and marketing. He is also committed to developing high profile communication strategies based on interdisciplinary cultural events capable of always injecting new lymph into the company’s lifeblood and propagating it outside in a continuous exchange with the local territory.