Let's Fika... Umeå

UTC: 30 October, 2021  (10:00)
EST : 30 October, 2021
CET : 30 October, 2021
IST : 30 October, 2021
ACST : 30 October, 2021

Conscious Umeå, given the city's celebrated and consistent efforts in Sustainability and Product Design has steered the dialogues towards 'merging phenomenology and technology'.

Featured Speakers

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Aishwarya Narayana

Director of R&D, The Centre for Conscious Design;

Strategy & Research Director, Conscious Design Kalpa;

Lab Lead, Human Metrics Lab

Aishwarya is an architect, experimental psychologist, and poet who works in the delta of Conscious Design, Neuroaesthetics, and Phenomenology. She collaborated with Itai Palti and Natalia Olszewska to set up Human Metrics Lab at Hume, where she developed multimodal systems that facilitate an enactive dialogue between people and space to create science-informed, aware, and responsive design. 

As the Director of R&D at the Centre for Conscious Design, she is fostering extensive cross-cultural strategies for scaling creative, technological, pedagogical and community engagement programs riveted on post-disciplinary research in built environment design. As the Curator at Ether (a hub for artistic explorations at the CCD), she further channelises her fervour for critical and creative expressions by engaging with and guiding a growing community of multimedia artists and designers. She is also the Founder and Director of Strategy at Conscious Design Kalpa, the think tank leading Conscious Bengaluru. 

As a strong proponent of situated consciousness, she intends to develop ways for meaningful implementation of people’s agency and lived experience in urban and spatial decision making. In life, she hopes to collate and spark advancements in the paradigm of human-space interaction to evolve experience-enriched and empathic design geared towards holistic wellbeing.

Marcus Westberg

Manu Revi

Katharina Brunner