RISE : Resilient, Inclusive, Sustainable & Equitable Lahore

UTC: 28 October, 2021  (11:00)
EST : 28 October, 2021
CET : 28 October, 2021
IST : 28 October, 2021
ACST : 28 October, 2021

Built- environment of cities is where we live, work and do everything on a personal and collective standpoint. Hence, it is a platform for all of us to create a positive impact in various dimensions. However, the urban issues in Lahore are getting complex day by day. The city has lost its charm and is sinking under the weight of multitude of problems ranging from poor urban health, uncontrolled growth patterns, loss of natural habitat to women’s safety and gender equality concerns. We know that the urban population of Lahore is also going to grow to an additional amount of people in the coming era. Does that mean, each one of us is going to play a role in shaping its urban future for millions of Lahoris? Whether it is a home-based project, local planning body, or any decision that we have to take today, it must be a collective vision that shapes and drives the future of millions of Lahoris. At Conscious Cities Festival 2021 we explore and address these issues by focusing on various dimensions including social, environmental and spatial sustainability.

Featured Speakers

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Amna Azeem

Fellow at the Centre for Conscious Design, Conscious Lahore Chapter Lead

Amna is an Urban and Regional Planner from Pakistan who envisions to transform cities in to more habitable, lively and safe places to live through restoring the constant relationship between cities and people. She finds her passion in bringing the development of cities and communities in harmony with the individual well-being. Currently, she is working as resource person for Sustainable Cities and Communities with SDGs Academy Pakistan and her work is focused on exploring the role of information and communications technologies and other such means to improve quality of life, efficiency of urban operation and urban safety. She finds herself committed to be a bridge builder between physical & virtual world. Amna has a research background on Neuro-urbanism and mental health impacts of urban environments and she believes that the spaces we build are the extension of our mental narratives & cognitive structures and by protecting them we can lift the consciousness of our cities.

Fauzi Rizwan

Izhar ul Haq

Usman Bajwa