Agency and the City I: The City as a Multiplier of Expression
20 October, 2020








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What are we saying, and is the city listening?

The modern city has captured society’s imagination as a symbol of free and democratic expression, a commons for open dialogue. However today both art and science are pointing at the city’s more worrying ability to silence and marginalise voices. Every space we shape inherits a social contract that guides our behaviour, and either affords or takes away our agency for different forms of expression. In the public sphere, social contracts can support or hinder social interactions that affect social cohesion, resilience, and even innovation. A city open to more forms of expression that represent the spectrum of human experience will create a culture with a richer, deeper dialogue. How can we make spaces and places that encourage more forms of healthy social interactions? How do we change the contract and regain our agency in the city? Talks will address: - Artistic Expression in Public Space: Dance as Cultural Introspection (Ishay & Mira) - Wellbeing and the Workplace (Talya Landau) - Language and Space (Elizabeth Kostina) - Science as a Multiplier of Expression (Ting Jiang)

Principal, Center for Advanced Hindsight, Duke University
Founding partner, Behavior Shop
Advisor, The Decision Lab

Ting Jiang received her Ph.D. degree in Experimental Economics and publishes findings across a broad range of disciplines. For the past 10 years, she has devoted herself to applying scientific thinking and processes to help solve real life problems, especially behavioral change challenges in financial wellbeing and wellness. She has led projects globally consulting for diverse organizations, companies and tech startups. With extensive experience in developing and improving apps and games, her current chapter in life focuses on bridging science, tech and art in creating holistic behavioral solutions and embedding science-based design in existing products and games, and space to promote wellness.

Assistant Editor-in-Chief, Fellow

Elizabeth is a university student studying architecture and film. She is passionate about interdisciplinary practices and modes of architecture at the intersection of neuroscience, philosophy, linguistics, and human rights, focusing on design as a motor for social reform and cultural change.

Ishai Karasenti & Mira Rubinstein

Choreographer, teacher and dancer. Former gymnast, alumnus of the dancer’s training program of Bat-Dor dance center Beer-Sheva. Former dancer of the “Israel Ballet” dance company, took part in several productions such as: Suzanne Dellal Centre in cooperation with the Israeli Opera.

Ishai Karasenti has along with Mira Rubenstein developed an approach to dance off-stage that is situated in the physical, political, and social dimensions of the public sphere. Their work is composed of both theatre and dance and the use of public space to create dialogue.

Ishai Karasenti & Mira Rubinstein

Choreographer, teacher of classic ballet, born in Tel Aviv, married to Sharon and mother of two. alumnus of Thelma Yellin high school and the Bat-Dor dance studio. graduated with honors from London Studio Centre (Middlesex University) with a bachelor’s degree in dance and performing arts in which she received a scholarship.

Her work has been presented in the Cameri theater, Tmuna theater, Orna Porat Children’s Theater, Tzavta theater and in many dance and theatre festivals in Israel and across the globe.

Rubinstein has along with Ishai Karesanti developed an approach to dance off-stage that is situated in the physical, political, and social dimensions of the public sphere. Their work is composed of both theatre and dance and the use of public space to create dialogue.

Head of Wellbeing at Amdocs

I'm the Head of Wellbeing at Amdocs, a leading players in the communications and media industry.

As part of my role, I promote an agenda of culture change, creating common language around wellbeing, new work and life routines and changing social contracts that disrupt existing concepts of space and time in the organization.

I come from a Tech background and in parallel to my Hi Tech career I study happiness and wellbeing and I'm certified in positive psychology, mentors training and Kundalini Yoga. I also spent several years as an entrepreneur as owner of a wellbeing center for women, but decided to go back to the hi-tech world to create a change from within.

For many years this were two parallel tracks in my life- Hi-Tech & Spirituality, until I realized that my mission is to make wellbeing accessible to organizations.