Conscious Accra | Designing Playful African Cities
20 October, 2020








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Conscious Accra invites you to join us in the first fully virtual edition of the Conscious Cities Festival! From Oct. 20th - 22nd, we will be hosting a series of ‘Conscious Conversations,’ exploring the roles that cultural and environmental heritage play in shaping the future of our city and its children. Our first 'Conscious Conversation,' Designing Playful African Cities, brings together play advocates and child-friendly design practitioners from across Africa to discuss the importance of play as a central element of urban design on the continent. As a registered participant, you will receive a link to our pre-recorded webinar on Tuesday, Oct. 20th at 4:00pm GMT, so you can tune in at your convenience from anywhere in the world! Register via Eventbrite: Conscious Accra | Designing Playful African Cities   Conscious Cities Festival 2020 | To Shape and Be Shaped As part of the 2020 Conscious Cities Festival, Conscious Accra will gather place-makers, educators, environmental justice advocates, artists, and other community members to discuss the theme Our Urban Heritage: Children, Nature, and Culture in the City. How does Accra’s rich cultural heritage shape the urban environment? How will we preserve and integrate the rich biodiversity of the region with a rapidly expanding cityscape? And, most importantly, how do we give Accra’s youth access to their natural and cultural heritage, shaping a new generation of stewards for the 21st century? Our sessions are designed to be asynchronous, so that you can view dialogues and participate in our discussion forums at any time. We look forward to exchanging ideas with the entire CCF community! Conscious Accra CCF 2020 Sessions: Tuesday, Oct. 20th at 4:00pm GMT (9:00am PST/12:00pm EST): Designing Playful African Cities Wednesday, Oct. 21st at 4:00pm GMT: Is Accra a ‘Green’ City? Thursday Oct. 22nd at 4:00pm GMT: Living Heritage: Shaping Accra’s Future Thursday Oct. 22nd at 6:00pm GMT (11:00am PST/2:00pm EST): Local Place-Makers: Mmofra Foundation Please note that our sessions will be pre-recorded, so while they will go live at the stated times, they will remain available for viewing afterwards to expand access.

Ory Okolloh is a Kenyan activist, strategist, and policy expert. Until recently, Ory was the Managing Director, Omidyar Network and Luminate Group in Africa - both part of The Omidyar Group - a diverse collection of companies, organizations and initiatives united by a common desire to catalyze social impact.


She serves on the Board of Directors of several organisations, including the Thomson Reuters Founders Share Company, Van Leer Group, Stanbic Holdings Plc and Stanbic Bank Kenya, and is the Chair of the Stanbic Foundation. She is also an Aspen Global Leadership Network (AGLN) Fellow, and has in the past served as advisory board member to Twiga Foods, Amnesty International Africa and Endeavor Kenya among several other organisations.


Prior to this, Ory was Google’s policy and strategy manager for Africa. Ory was also at the forefront of developing technology innovation as a founding member of Ushahidi. She was the organization’s Executive Director from inception until December 2010. Ory is also the co-founder of Mzalendo, a website that tracks the performance of Kenyan MPs. In 2011, Ory was named a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum, and one of Africa's most Powerful Women by Forbes Magazine. In 2014, she was named one of Time 100's most influential people in the world.

Mmofra Foundation

Alongside professions in law and higher education, Amowi works in civil society as a social innovator and international coordinator with the Ghana-based CSO Mmofra Foundation, leading many of its child-centered initiatives in play, culture and design in African contexts. An advocate for accessible public cultural spaces in urban Africa, she is on the World Urban Parks Committee on Children,Play & Nature, and is one of a group of Africa-based play innovators who are promoting an Africa Play Network.

Founder and CEO, Play Africa

Gretchen Wilson-Prangley is the founder and CEO of Play Africa, a children’s museum in Johannesburg, South Africa, catalysing innovations in holistic learning, children’s rights, parent engagement and social cohesion. Play Africa creates vibrant, equitable spaces where children and families of all backgrounds come together to discover, create, and imagine. As an entrepreneurial founder and CEO, Gretchen has a track record of leading in complex environments, developing an astute understanding of audience needs, and motivating a team around a clear mission to create value, and forging creative partnerships to drive change.

Founder, The PlayHub

Julian Ingabire Kayibanda is a development professional and an active Early Childhood Development practitioner and advocate with a passion for learning through play. Julian is the Founder and Director of Rwandan social enterprise “The PlayHub,” an organisation that is increasing access to child-friendly play spaces and environments. The PlayHub partners with the public and private sector to ensure children have access to quality, inclusive, nurturing spaces and environments for optimum development.

Founder, ImagiNation Afrika

Karima Grant is the Founder and Executive Director of ImagiNation Afrika, a social enterprise dedicated to building the capacity of the ecosystem around children in Senegal. ImagiNation Afrika works for the development of the entire child by creating public spaces dedicated to the child, collaborating with institutions that nourish child development and accompanying parents and communities, to build an ecosystem that allows African children to thrive and lead in the 21st century.