Conscious Accra | Is Accra a ‘Green’ City?
21 October, 2020








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Conscious Accra invites you to join us in the first fully virtual edition of the Conscious Cities Festival!

From Oct. 20th - 22nd, we will be hosting a series of ‘Conscious Conversations,’ exploring the roles that cultural and environmental heritage play in shaping the future of our city and its children.

Our second 'Conscious Conversation,' Is Accra a 'Green' City?, features a group of non-profit, corporate, and citizen environmental advocates. Our participants will discuss the state of Accra's public spaces, highlighting the incredible work that their organizations are doing to preserve and expand access to green space for Accra residents of all ages. As a registered participant, you will receive a link to our pre-recorded webinar on Wednesday, Oct. 21st at 4:00pm GMT, so you can tune in at your convenience from anywhere in the world!

Register via Eventbrite: Conscious Accra | Is Accra a 'Green' City?


Conscious Cities Festival 2020 | To Shape and Be Shaped

As part of the 2020 Conscious Cities Festival, Conscious Accra will gather place-makers, educators, environmental justice advocates, artists, and other community members to discuss the theme Our Urban Heritage: Children, Nature, and Culture in the City. How does Accra’s rich cultural heritage shape the urban environment? How will we preserve and integrate the rich biodiversity of the region with a rapidly expanding cityscape? And, most importantly, how do we give Accra’s youth access to their natural and cultural heritage, shaping a new generation of stewards for the 21st century?

Our sessions are designed to be asynchronous, so that you can view dialogues and participate in our discussion forums at any time. We look forward to exchanging ideas with the entire CCF community!

Conscious Accra CCF 2020 Sessions:
Tuesday, Oct. 20th at 4:00pm GMT (9:00am PST/12:00pm EST): Designing Playful African Cities
Wednesday, Oct. 21st at 4:00pm GMT: Is Accra a ‘Green’ City?
Thursday Oct. 22nd at 4:00pm GMT: Living Heritage: Shaping Accra’s Future
Thursday Oct. 22nd at 6:00pm GMT (11:00am PST/2:00pm EST): Local Place-Makers: Mmofra Foundation

Please note that our sessions will be pre-recorded, so while they will go live at the stated times, they will remain available for viewing afterwards to expand access.

Mmofra Foundation

Alongside professions in law and higher education, Amowi works in civil society as a social innovator and international coordinator with the Ghana-based CSO Mmofra Foundation, leading many of its child-centered initiatives in play, culture and design in African contexts. An advocate for accessible public cultural spaces in urban Africa, she is on the World Urban Parks Committee on Children,Play & Nature, and is one of a group of Africa-based play innovators who are promoting an Africa Play Network.

Founder, Eco-Conscious Citizens

Awula Serwah is a Ghanaian-born lawyer who is passionate about the environment. She is a Brent Community Champion in the UK, having received a Brent Citizenship Award in 2007. Awula Serwah was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society for the encouragement of arts, manufacturing, and commerce in 2003.

An activist who has played a leading role in a number of voluntary organizations, she is most recently the founder and coordinator of Eco-Conscious Citizens, a group of individuals and organizations working together in Ghana and abroad for a cleaner, healthier, and greener environment. The group currently supports a number of campaigns, including the Atewa Forest Reserve, Food Sovereignty, and Sandema Mahogany Trees.

Founder, Strategic Communications Africa (Stratcomm Africa)

Esther is the Chief Executive Officer of Strategic Communications Africa Ltd (Stratcomm Africa). She is also a Director of Centre for the Development and Intercultural Communication (CEDIC), a non-profit organization. In addition to her first degree at the University of Ghana, Legon, she has also earned graduate degrees in Communications in the School of Communications Studies from both the University of Ghana, Legon and Cornell University.

Esther has worked as a consultant for numerous organizations in a variety of sectors, and in each case has developed and implemented effective communication strategies to support their work.

She has a keen understanding of the value of effective communication processes for national development and she is constantly exploring effective communications strategies to promote innovation and enhance public awareness. She has won numerous local and international awards for her work in business and the communication industry.

Most recently, Esther has convened the Ghana Garden & Flower Movement, with the goal of celebrating Ghana's unique flora and fauna while promoting environmental conservation and national development.

Namata Serumaga-Musisi is a 'Decolonial Space-Maker.' Through her work, she explores the lived experience of the citizen (the 'Living City') as they navigate the imposed 'Physical City.'  Her goal is to create platforms from which the marginalized can define their own development narratives. An architect by profession, her collaborations have included partnering with Mmofra Foundation on the design and documentation of parks and play spaces in Accra.