Shifting Gears on the Commute | A Workshop with Well Millennial
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20 October, 2020






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During the pandemic many people have shifted gears as to where they work, how they get to work and how they connect. With many people now working from home, time previously held for the morning commute has been reduced to the distance between your bed and your laptop. What impact does this transition have on our experience and wellbeing? Join us for an interactive workshop where we explore this shift and opportunities to reroute and promote balance within work and wellness.

Founder of Well Millennial

Yinka Macaulay is passionate about initiatives that enable meaningful change and positive outcomes within individuals, communities and systems. She is the Founder of Well Millennial, a community aimed to support millennials navigating career and life transitions.  Well Millennial was founded in 2015 from an interest in the intersection between employment, mental health and wellbeing through a millennial lens. In 2020, Well Millennial re-launched with its continued focus and commitment to community engagement, system thinking, culture, equity and exploration into self-education and the future of work. Yinka brings her expertise in planning and program design from a background in strategy and innovation planning for various healthcare networks and think tanks in Toronto.

Yinka has attained a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree from the University of Waterloo with specialization in sociobehavioral health. Yinka is also working towards the completion of a certificate within Community Engagement, Leadership and Development. As a lifelong learner, she actively aims to create spaces and platforms where the wisdom and experiences of others can be shared.

Design Research, Health Design Studio @ OCAD University

Yordanos is an accomplished public health professional with expertise in community health, health equity, mental health and chronic health conditions, with a specialization in design thinking and design research methodologies. She has over 12 years experience working frontline in the health and social service sectors in London and Toronto, Ontario. Yordanos received an Honours Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science and Global Development Studies at Western University. She recently completed her Master’s Degree in Design for Health at OCAD University.