What’s Next for Human Innovation?
Online & Physical Space: La Granja
16 October, 2020





A new generation is coming into our hands. We can not continue the same way of learning, working and destructing. How will we help the youth to create a new quality of mind through learning, in which fear does not exist, and competition is replaced by collaboration? 

At this important time in history, we understood our foundations of education, and empowerment of humans are no longer serving to our species, our systems nor to our planet. To innovate human potential, we need to understand what we are,  then we begin to learn. 

This 2 days event is to highlight the education, regeneration and consciousness revolutions that are happening on this magical island. We will inspire motivation and action, by bringing different age, culture and discipline people, including students, learning guides, artists, musicians, scientists, design and innovation experts, tourism players, opinion leaders, spirituality guides and indigenous wisdom guardians.

Our program will be inspiring to create a solid foundation and on that the local communities can build. This building is the structure of learning and from that there is action and never conformity, and therefore a lasting heart led transformation