Conscious Cities Festival 2021:The Person-Space Continuum

24th - 30th October


Accra • Adelaide • Amsterdam • Barcelona • Bengaluru • Berlin • Bhopal • Bhubhanerswar • Boston • Brisbane • Dhaka • Gurugram • Guwahati • Helsingborg • Ibiza • Islamabad • Lagos • Lahore • Lima • London • Madrid • Mexico City • Milan • Monterrey • Mumbai • Munich • New Delhi • Paris • Rome • Stockholm • Sydney • Tel Aviv-Jaffa • Toronto • Umeå• Vienna • Warsaw

The Conscious Cities Festival celebrates cross-disciplinary research, spatial design, and urban practices that shape healthy and resilient cities. The events will take place in over 36 cities bringing together a global grass-roots movement during a week-long engagement through dialogues, talks, panels, workshops, artistic performances, and more!

This year's theme "The Person-Space Continuum" captures the intersubjectivity and diversity of city making efforts across disciplines, domains of design, and cultures worldwide.In the paradigm of Conscious Design, the continuum comprises of threekey principles -Enactivism, Equity, and Empathy.Let’s collectively investigate...  

What if our consciousness could refract from our brains and bodies into objects and spaces? Enactivism.
What if power was dispersed as fairly as the potential of individuals and communities within living ecosystems? Equity.  
What if we could craft and reflect each other’s needs and aspirations within and across collectives? Empathy.

We believe in disseminating principles as solution frameworks rather than in giving one-size-fits-all solutions. Since Conscious Design is a continually metamorphosing process, the principles approach better facilitates and encourages cross-chapter problem-solving, co-creation, collaboration, and communication.

Mission Statement

We intend to empower and activate broad ecosystems of community experts, decision makers, designers, researchers, technologists, funders, and artists to address the future needs and aspirations of urban communities. In 2020, CCF involved 19 cities, 40 events featuring over 200 speakers and over 2000 participants that collectively examined how cities, people, and communities shape each other. During the festival, an international and multidisciplinary network of city making practitioners, thinkers, activists, and enthusiasts gather to discuss global and hyperlocal challenges to thriving in cities. This year, we are 36+ cities strong and building momentum!

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Getting Involved

Conscious Cities advocates for Community-led and Science-informed Design to examine meaningful intersections of urban challenges to community and environmental well being with cross-disciplinary research, placemaking, socio-cultural and economic systems.

If the theme and provocations resonate with you, we encourage you to take part in the festival. We welcome opportunities for collaboration and partnership on any events and projects which align with and advance the mission of Conscious Cities.

Reach out to Aishwarya at [email protected] and Maria Monica at [email protected] for collaborations and events.