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Blog posts: Articles that primarily you write – or any you publish under someone else’s name, such as someone who is working with you on the page.

Commentaries: This is a reflection or remark on an existing article. So if I wanted to critique or just bring in an outside source, this would be the way to do it.

  • To Create a Blog Post or Commentary:
    • First, fill out the required information & add an author (option for author pops up after you save the draft)
    • You can then save as a draft – if you want to continue to edit it – or submit it for publication on any ONE domain
      • To submit for publication you must go under “Submit for Publication” and click SUBMIT – event if you don’t fill out the publicity blurbs. 
        • If it is still in draft form, the domain head will NOT be able to see it on their dashboard. 
        • If you only click ‘submit to domain’ and not ‘submit’ under the Publicize tab, the article or commentary will not appear on the domain heads dashboard
        • It is preferable that you fill out the publicity blurbs. After approval, these will automatically upload to ‘buffer’ which will publicize your piece on our social media networks within the following days.
    • FYI A few glitches, but should be working normally soon
    • Contributors & fellows from other domains can submit to a domain- this will either be published or returned with comments for revision. 

Articles from Existing Publications: These are articles published by other CCD fellows around the site. So they aren’t blog posts because you or any other minions you have written, but, you can still integrate them into your page. 

Create profile: this is how you created your own profile, and how you can create profiles for others. For example, I just published an article someone wrote in response to a ‘call for submissions’ I have. To make her the author on the publication (through the blog post function), I had to first make her a profile on the ‘create profile’ tab

  • Currently, a glitch prevents profiles from being deleted

Events: You can use this function to create CCD hosted or partnered events- such as a Conscious Cities Festival. 

  • All events will be submitted to an Admin for review before publishing- so they might not be available immediately after submission

Talks: You can use this function to upload videos or recordings from youtube/ vimeo. Anything that allows you to upload via a URL link. In the past, we’ve used it to upload videos from the Conscious Cities Festivals