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There are many ways to join The CCD’s efforts, either individually or through your organisation (see our Partners and Sponsors page). The following are possible ways to engage with the centre.


The centre publishes a range of content, from short blog pieces to peer-reviewed research papers.

  • Submit an article to The Journal of Science-Informed Design, our peer-reviewed publication.
  • Submit to the Conscious Cities Anthology which is published a week before the annual Conscious Cities Festival. Sign up to our newsletter to receive notification of the call for papers.
  • Contribute to our blog.

Editing and reviewing

  • Join the Editorial Board of The Journal of Science-Informed Design if you have a relevant specialisation and academic credentials.
  • Become a reviewer for The Journal of Science-Informed Design
  • Become an Editor of our blog, inviting writers to contribute and editing pieces.

Organise an event

If you would like to organise a Conscious Cities event or any other addressing the subjects of Conscious designScience-informed design, or Human-centred design please contact usto discuss partnerships.

Full-time and Part-time positions at the centre

We are currently not looking to fill any working positions, please sign up to our newsletter to receive updates if this changes.

Become a CCD Fellow

Apply to become a fellow at The CCD. Fellowship indicates a certain level of involvement with the centre’s activities and can include one or a number of the following:

  • Contribute writing
  • Editing or publishing efforts
  • Dissemination and social media
  • Events
  • Development of online resources for the built environment industry
  • Fundraising and organisational development

To be considered for a position, one of the following qualifications are favourable:

  • To be engaged in related research at least part-time, either in an academic institution or a research department of a commercial body. This research must focus on one of the following:
    • The behavioural, cognitive, or physiological effects of the built environment.
    • Policy and governance relating to the built environment.
    • Technology (including computing and AI) relating to the built environment.
  • Be in a leadership position at an organisation involved in health, wellbeing, equity, citizen engagement, or governance.

Fellowship is an unpaid position. However, The CCD aims to provide exposure to the work of fellows and to support their professional development. Please contact us if you would like to become a fellow and discuss how you might be involved.


See our Partners and Sponsors page for funding opportunities.

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