At the CCD, our work is a beautiful paradox: reactionary, dynamic, collaborative yet systemic and sustainable.

We operate in the same workflow that we promote in the conscious city movement: people-centric and research informed. Our fellows come from an interdisciplinary and global pool of experts including CEO’s, Project Managers, Academics, and Entrepreneurs who unite under the shared passion and dedication to conscious design.

When people ask us, what is the CCD, the answer is quite simple. We are a family- a plexus of creative dissidents, humanitarian strategists, and the radically curious united by passion, a drive for social change, and utterly nerdy fascinations. We might be dreamers, but our imagination is grounded in science, policy, lived-experience, governance, communities, arts, culture, education, and economics. Our gizmo of choice? Holistic conscious design.

The core of the CCD is people like you joining us to advocate, research, and push the design field into a deeper, multiplicitous, concept of design informed by research and local communities rather than the bottom line. 

We would love to get connected. There are many ways to join The CCD’s efforts, either individually or through your organisation (see Partners and Sponsors).

At the CCD, you get as much out as you put in. As our primary focus is to support the Conscious Cities Movement and those advancing the movement, we have numerous avenues for you to join and work with us: (See the full chart here)


To be a collaborator at the CCD, you would have the opportunity to contribute in numerous, critical, ways without the same level of involvement and leadership expected of fellows. Avenues for collaboration include becoming a sporadic or long-term author, editor, and/ or organizer.


You can submit articles for publication to one of three CCD publishing branches:


  • If you would like to organise a Conscious Cities event or any other addressing the subjects of Conscious design, Science-informed design, or Human-centred design please contact us to discuss partnerships.

Become a Fellow

Apply to become a fellow at The CCD. Fellowship indicates a certain level of involvement with the centre’s activities and include a customised hodge-podge of the following:

  • Innovation Fellows
    • Starting your own, co-creating, or co-leading a local chapter or focus area
    • Fellows responsibilities may include a combination of:
      • Content Curation: 
        • Research
        • Writing
        • Editing or publishing efforts
        • Dissemination and social media
        • Development of other resources and professional material 
      • Planning & Organizing
        • Events
        • Networking
  • Operational Fellows
    • There are three different types of operational fellows:
      • Fundraising, grants, and organizational development
      • Social media & marketing
      • Graphic Design & Visualization

To be considered for a position, one or more of the following qualifications are favourable:

  • To be engaged in related research at least part-time, either in an academic institution or a research department of a commercial body. This research must focus on one of the following:
    • The behavioural, cognitive, or physiological effects of the built environment.
    • Policy and governance relating to the built environment.
    • Technology (including computing and AI) relating to the built environment.
  • Be in a leadership position at an organisation involved in health, wellbeing, equity, citizen engagement, or governance.

Fellowships are unpaid positions. However, The CCD offers fellows opportunities for publishing, international networking opportunities, professional development, research experience, and exposure for the fellow’s work. 

Partner and Sponsor

The CCD is a not-for-profit think tank that relies on the support of organisations that share its primary objective: To improve people’s lives through design. We have a number of sponsorship packages for companies of different sizes and are happy to discuss how they can fit your organisational goals. Contact us to arrange a call about funding opportunities or other forms of partnerships.

Support and partnerships contribute towards:

  • Financial contributions & grants toward operating costs
  • Research activities and report writing
  • Events that encourage interdisciplinary dialogue towards science-informed, human-centred design
  • Resources for the building industry
  • Advocacy, training, and educational material
  • Publishing of our journals and blog

We also welcome new ideas for collaborations.