Journal of Science-Informed Design: Submissions

Thank you for your interest in submitting to the Science-Informed Design journal (SIDe),  an anonymously peer-reviewed resource for the architecture and urban design sectors, publishing insights into the behavioural, physiological and cognitive effects of the built environment. SIDe aims to inform the design of people-centred spaces and places.

We publish on a rolling basis and accept submissions at all times for Papers, Reviews, Case Studies, discussion pieces, and letters.

If your submission fits the description listed above, read on for guidelines:

The SIDe journal is academic in tone, as compared to the Conscious Cities Anthology, which is written to be accessible to a general audience. However, SIDe submissions must have abstracts written in an accessible tone for a general audience.

Please limit submission length to 2000 words (maximum, no minimum) and abstracts to 250 words, excluding references and cover letter. If your submission surpasses the maximum word limit and you feel that limiting the word count is not appropriate for your submission, indicate this in your email to us.

Email your submission as either a .pdf or .doc to [email protected] with the subject line ‘SIDe Submission from [YOUR NAME]. 

Submissions must include footnotes and bibliographies in APA format, and a cover page with your contact information. Your name and other information should NOT appear anywhere else on your submission manuscript. 

We will provide you with confirmation of your submission and whether we accept your submission (based on your abstract) for edits. Abstracts are selected without knowledge of the author’s information through a voting process.

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