Dr. Kate Crawford

Dr. Kate Crawford

Volunteer Director at Co-Risk Labs and Transition Town Brixton

Kate has worked for a variety of private sector and international humanitarian and development organisations on water, sanitation and shelter. In the UK, Kate has worked on the design of eco-buildings, as a university teaching fellow, and in two start-ups.  


Stuff, stories and space: intersectionality and the dangers of talking at cross-purposes about the city

Kate will talk about her practice and research as an engineer and aid worker and reflect on what it might mean in our technical conversations about cities if we ignore power, race, gender and history. Kate will explore how built environment professionals help to create the narratives of urban risk and disasters and how this plays into the discourse of international humanitarian intervention. The paradoxes in the ways we talk
about working in, conceptualising and fixing spaces in a city should also have contemporary resonance in London's conversations about smart, resilient and feminist cities.