Anna Kerr

Anna Kerr

Director of White Arkitekter, Sweden

Anna Kerr has 15 years of professional work experience and she has been involved in projects of all scales, both in design and construction phases. Prior to moving to Sweden she was based in Singapore for 5 years teaching Environmental Management at the National University of Singapore.

With her extensive knowledge in the field of environmental and social sustainability Anna brings together multidisciplinary teams of professionals to deliver internationally acclaimed projects around the world. Anna joined White Arkitekter in 2015 as Head of International Business Development to establish the White Arkitekter’s London office.

About White Arkitekter

White Arkitekter is an interdisciplinary practice for architecture, urban design, landscape architecture and interior design; a collective of 900 employees organised in networks across 13 offices in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and the United Kingdom. Embedded in their work is a commitment to sustainability in all its forms, underpinned by practice-based research. The practice works with clients, communities and consultants to create inclusive, resilient architecture that inspires sustainable ways of life.


Creating a place for girls – How to increase gender equality in city of the future

White’s Places for Girls research taken from in-house anthropologists show that our architectural landscape is full of pockets of inequality. In order to create future cities that are more liveable, we need to take a more diverse and consultative approach to crafting our architectural landscape, ensuring that environments are accessible to everyone, at all stages of life. This talk will consider the importance of process in designing new buildings and urban spaces that are accessible to everyone, and the ways in which a diversified field of industry can improve gender equality in the future city.