Prof. Duncan Wilson

Prof. Duncan Wilson

Professor of Connected Environments, UCL

Professor of Connected Environments in The Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA) at University College London and member of the Smart London Board. Duncan’s research focuses on how emerging technologies such as connected sensors and cognitive computing can augment our understanding of the built and natural environment.

A Chartered Engineer with a PhD in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Vision from UCL. A constant work thread of his work has been exploring how the internet and the physical world will continue to merge.


Connected environments and things that think, a little

How can digital technologies and connected environments help augment our understanding of the built and natural world? The Connected Environments research at UCL CASA focuses on three core vectors; cognitive computing, extra sensory computing and spatial reasoning systems. Duncan will talk about the connected world in a future often oversold yet underimagined and how working with people can help manage those expectations.