Bradley Schurman

Founder and CEO of Demogera

Bradley Schurman is Founder and CEO of Demogera – a consulting firm specializing in helping organizations understand the challenges and harness the opportunities of demographic change with a focus on population aging. Demogera works to ensure that these subjects are considered across organizational strategies from human resources, marketing and communication, and product and service design. Prior to launching Demogera, Schurman was Co-Founder and Managing Partner of EconomyFour, where he led business development in Asia and Europe.
In addition to helping his clients achieve success, Schurman has been instrumental in securing the topics of aging and longevity as focus areas at both the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and World Economic Forum (WEF). Schurman was also responsible visioning and executing the Aging Readiness and Competitiveness Report- a groundbreaking collaborative research project between AARP and Foreign Policy Group. He is currently writing a book on demographics and how it will drive social and economic change around the world.