Adolfo Suarez

Director L22 Retail - Partner Lombardini22

Adolfo has been a Founding Partner of Lombardini22 since 2007 and is head of the company’s Retail and Hospitality design department. Here he has developed his own exceptional know-how in all aspects of restyling projects concerning shopping malls, an additional piece of the puzzle that has enabled him to gain practical experience in all aspects of the Retail project, from A to Z, from the preliminary studies to the renovation phases, all with a sustainable “Cradle to Cradle” outlook. When approaching a project, Adolfo’s mindset is analytical and supported by a strong will to ensure that the mall runs smoothly, in the long-term and at all levels: from the meticulous way he plans the architectural brief as a tool for creating value. One example of this is CityLife which, having clearly positioned the project high in the European markets, creates value for the city which goes beyond the consumption opportunity in a system based on coherence between message and product. And there is Forum Palermo which generates urban relations and resources for the territory of which it is part. In these and indeed all of the projects in which he is involved, Adolfo continuously designs while he works, wherever he may be, and is capable of creating quiet corners for himself even in the noisiest situations. This means that his vision of a problem always delves deep under the surface, sometimes dragging up unexpected solutions and this helps to create that “positive conflict” which continuously goads the team into seeking better solutions.