B. S. Satyanarayana

Satya Bharathi Consultants

A fast learner, inspirational leader & communicator with multidisciplinary skills

& experience in Industry, R&D, Academic & Government policy. The nature of work includes knowledge management, innovation, strategic planning & implementation, analytics, change management, creation of new labs & groups, with a focus on Sustainable & Inclusive technology and Make in India. This involved developing many new first of its kind technologies including Design and development of process technologies, instrumentation, and new products, from concept to implementation, & consultancy valued $ 50 million. Developed a unique pedagogy for linking teaching, multidisciplinary experiential learning, research, industry and societal engagement called the Five “I” Principle, integrating knowledge and skills. Facilitated Setting up over 50 industry based labs (valued over Rs 300 Crores) in Academic Institutes with national & international collaboration in the last 10 years. Establishing new teams, to manage the same training managers/ faculty /students. Published over 170 papers in journals and conference proceedings, and delivered over 200 invited & contributed papers.