Christina Sparrock

Criminal Justice Committee of the NYC Community Service Board
Public Accountant and Mental Health Advocate

Christina Sparrock, a Certified Public Accountant and Mental Health Advocate, has always been a staunch advocate for racial and social justice. Her works include participating in the Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) program, where she educated law enforcement on de-escalation techniques and crisis communication skills when dealing with those in emotional crisis. As a member of the Criminal Justice Committee of the NYC Community Service Board, Ms. Sparrock offered suggestions on improving outcomes for justice-involved individuals.  On Mayor De Blasio’s Crisis  Prevention and Response Task Force,  Ms. Sparrock offered recommendations on enhancing the City’s public safety and public health policy in relation to mental health.

With the increased violence towards mentally ill by law enforcement, Ms. Sparrock partnered with Correct Crisis Intervention Today – NYC (CCIT-NYC) to advocate for non-police responses to mental health crises.  As a board member of Citizen Action of New York,  Ms. Sparrock continues to play an integral role in not only promoting city and statewide mental health policy but holding elected officials accountable in New York.

For her steadfast commitment to the cause of improving the lives of those living with mental health conditions, Ms. Sparrock received the 2018 Health award from the NYS Black and Puerto Rican Caucus, Inc.