Diana Santos Rodriguez

Neuroscience for Architecture

Diana is an Ecuadorian architect based in Luxembourg. In 2014 she founded a boutique architecture firm in her home country focused on delivering holistic solutions. Her team completed over 30 projects across the country, focusing on simple creative innovation while simultaneously harmonizing elegance and timelessness.

She is the co-founder of Eureka, a business that provides teambuilding and profile-analysis services for companies using escape rooms as a tool. At Eureka, Diana was able to experience first hand the impact of design on human behavior. She played with different aspects of the design, such as temperature, time, and space, to provoke a specific action and feeling in the players while also testing their abilities under pressure.

With the willingness to bridge her passion for architecture, art, and human behavior, she studied a postgraduate specialization in Neuroscience applied to Architecture. She contributes to this field with her experience in entrepreneurship, real estate development, and neuro-architecture to further develop this practice in Europe and worldwide.

Diana discovered an immense passion for art and hyper-realistic painting from a very young age, which became her lifetime hobby. She also finds joy in discovering new countries and cultures worldwide.