Durell Coleman

Founder and CEO DC Design

Durell Coleman is the namesake founder and CEO of DC Design. He has worked to redesign aspects of the foster care system, develop new approaches to criminal justice reform, reimagine healthcare service models, create apps that connect communities, and develop new 21st century educational models for youth and adults. Trained in mechanical engineering (B.S) and sustainable design (M.S.), he is a two-time alumnus of Stanford University and its famous Institute of Design (the Stanford d.school). 

As an educator, Durell regularly lectures on social impact design, innovation, and leadership at Stanford University. He has taught design thinking to refugees designing solutions to challenges in refugee camps, school leaders seeking to redesign the culture of their schools, and corporate executives from Sony, Oracle, and Santander. He is an expert in Multi-Stakeholder Human-Centered Design; creator and Director of Design the Future, an award winning STEM program run in collaboration with top universities that teaches high school students to design products for individuals with physical disabilities; and recipient of the Jefferson Award for Public Service as a result of his work.