Jagan Shah

Advisor Department for International Development DFID

Jagan Shah is Senior Infrastructure Adviser in the Department for International Development of the UK Government, where he leads a programme to support the PPP Cell of the Indian Ministry of Finance and is devising a new programme for developing inclusive, investible and resilient cities. Prior to joining DFID in 2019, he gathered over two decades of experience in bridging across various disciplines related to the design, planning and policy for the built environment and cities. He has been deeply involved in creating innovative urban plans, such as the heritage plan for Jaipur (2004-6), city development plans for 14 cities in Madhya Pradesh (2005-9), plans for station-areas for the Regional Rapid Transit System between Delhi-Meerut and Delhi-Panipat (2009-12), the Regional Plan 2021 for the National Capital Region, the Master Plan for Delhi (2006-7 and 2018-19), the National Urban Policy framework (2018) and the policy and implementation of India’s Smart Cities Mission. Shah combines a sharp knowledge of social processes and the built environment with a nuanced understanding of spatial planning, infrastructure design and finance, transportation, heritage revitalisation and livelihoods development. His prominent leadership roles include Director of the National Institute of Urban Affairs, the premier urban thinktank of the Government of India (2013-19), Director of the Sushant School of Art & Architecture (2010-12) and Chief Executive of Urban Space Consultants (2007-10). He was Independent Director in the Delhi Integrated Multi- Modal Transit System Ltd (2014-17) and has advised numerous NGOs across the country. He has been a member of the Board of Trustees of Clean Air Asia since 2016. Prior to 2007, Shah devoted his time to teaching, writing and film-making. He has authored two books on architecture and his writings on architecture and urbanism have been featured by leading publications in India and abroad. Shah studied Architectural Design at the School of Planning & Architecture, New Delhi (1985-90), and Architectural History & Theory at the University of Cincinnati (1993-95) and Columbia University (1995-97).