Rhea Pai

Architect, Urban Researcher

With a background in Architecture & design, Rhea has since gained experience as a practicing Architect handling projects across multiple scales. Dedicated to creating a built environment which is human-centric and user-generated, she is committed in creating healthy-inclusive communities, that positively impact and shape the identity of future cities.

She is dedicated in the understanding of urban landscapes and infrastructures and the abundance of influences, that redefine the traditional definition of the composition of a city. Her experience at the Everyday City Lab, Bengaluru as an Urban researcher and her exposure to Heritage conservation & Architecture has allowed her to be part of multiple research projects. Ranging from tactical urbanism & Urban informality to the understanding of the intangible, social capital and society. She’s also studied urban practices of specific contexts – Public space and culture that explore ideas of the convergence of the social, religious and economic, while also breaking down ideas of gendered public spaces, women and the intertwining of religion, design for equity and pedagogy.

The unseen parallels between human influence and the everchanging urban fabric are of particular interest to her. Through her research, she believes that studying the everyday city life, is important to understand human social interactions and the response people have with urban problems, situations and complexities. As we rethink our approach to the urban as well as rural conditions, through people participation, she hopes to engage in this cross-disciplinary thinking at the CCD, that allows for design to be explored across several different dimensions.