Sarah Markey

Co-Founder RI Peoples History Museum

Sarah is a union organizer for NEARI; Her work has included organizing early childhood teachers in Massachusetts, leading a national campaign on Time to Teach, and piloting Bargaining for the Common good projects where the broader community and labor come together around shared interests.  Previously, Sarah was the state director for Arizona ACORN, a community organization of low and moderate income families.  She led the Phoenix living wage campaigs and fought to protect immigrant rights and predatory mortgage lending. Sarah trained hundreds of community organizers from Arizona to Juarez and Tijuana, MX during her time at ACORN.

Sarah co-founded The Collective and subsequently the RI People’s History Museum. The Collective is located in South Kingstown RI where it functions as an info shop, training space and community meeting space. Sarah has a master’s degree from the Labor Center at UMass Amherst.