Srinivas Alavilli

Citizens for Bengaluru

Srinivas Alavilli is a software engineer by profession but his passion for better governance turned him into a citizen activist. Srinivas has a BTech Computer Science from Andhra University and M.S Computer Science from Utah State University, USA. After working in Silicon Valley, California for a decade, Srinivas moved to Bengaluru in 2007.  He has been contributing time and energy to make our city a better place. Srinivas started Corruption Saaku! campaign in Bengaluru which later transformed into India Against Corruption, a nation wide anti corruption movement. Srinivas worked on several elections campaigns to get progressive candidates elected in a bid to change politics. Srinivas is one of the founders of the #SteelFlyoverBeda movement in 2016 that led to the formation of Citizens for Bengaluru referred to as CfB, a non political,  public pressure group with no office, no bank account and no office bearers. CfBs primary goal is to make Bengaluru liveable for all by mobilising and organising public protests for various causes. Srinivas strongly believes that when citizens act in a collective and focused manner with clear goals, impossible becomes possible. Politicians understand the language of numbers more than anything else!