Tijana Manitasevic Vujcic

Co-founder & Business Development Executive, Strawberry energy

Strawberry Energy
For the past seven years, Strawberry Energy has been at the forefront of the smart cities revolution, developing solar powered, urban furniture for sustainable cities of the future. Their clean technology is helping to improve crucial civic services, monitor air quality and invigorate local spaces. Strawberry Energy’s award winning Smart Benches can be found in 30 cities across 17 countries, delivering free battery charging, Wi-Fi access and tracking the health of the local environment. By bringing power and digital connectivity to public spaces, these smart benches are adapting streets to 21st century needs and enhancing the experiences of people in cities, while providing the local authorities with the most comprehensive and state of the art air quality sensor network in London. Their first in the world sponsored Smart Bench Scheme is currently spread across London Boroughs of Southwark, Islington and Lewisham.