Varun Hemachandran

Agami, India

Varun is the Communications Curator at Agami, India. He is fascinated by communities and the glue that binds them. He has over eight years of advertising experience which has taught him how to sell to the masses and the importance of finely crafted communication. He joined Make A Difference as President in Chennai. Here he learnt how to mobilize young minds to serve the underprivileged. He then dabbled in the back and front offices of a start-up political movement. Again, mobilizing the public to support an unknown party; designing and crafting the narrative for local campaigns in Tamil Nadu and Delhi; managing the media; and supporting spokespersons during key televised debates. Of late he has been building communities around arts and entertainment, at The Bohemian House, and devising lucrative partnerships that elevate both the artist, as well as the organization, while keeping the community engaged week-on-week. In his spare time, he also works on a 3 year old, award-winning project, Talking Earth. His disruptive work at Talking Earth is helping communities use mapping tools to visualise civic problems and drive hyperlocal social impact to increase neighbourhood resilience to climate change. He has been a Namma Bengaluru Awards Social Entrepreneur of the Year finalist, and a GAP (Global Action on Poverty) Changemaker, for my work with Talking Earth.