Conscious Cities Journal No.1

ISSN: 2514-0914


The Conscious Cities Journal showcases work and thinking by those contributing towards creating a better built environment.

Jonathan Daly
Leila Mahmoudi Farahani
Tai Hollingsbee
Regina Ocampo
What is it that makes these spaces more comfortable, both psychologically and physiologically, for some people more than others?
Behaviour, Profession, Research
Cliff Hague
The thinking that underpinned urban planning and design during much of the twentieth century is fast unravelling.
Planning, Practice, Profession, Urban Design
Federico Botta
Policy makers, stake-holders and academics alike all share the common interest of understanding our collective behaviour.
Behaviour, Data, Tech, Urban Design
Andrew Renninger
In serving both the civic and economic, a city can, as Benjamin Franklin once mused, do well by doing good.
Civics, Ethics, Governance, Philosophy, Urban Design
Peter Ellerton
What kind of relationship would you want with a conscious city?
Behaviour, Ethics, Governance, Philosophy, Social
Dr. Sam Griffiths
Dr. Kerstin Sailer
Towards a conscious design process in the context of the on-going social production and reproduction of the human built environment.
Behaviour, Research, Space Syntax, Tech
Itai Palti
Research emerging at the intersection of architecture and neuroscience is opening up new channels for observing and creating.
Behaviour, Conscious Cities, Ethics, Industry, Profession