Conscious Cities Journal No.2

ISSN: 2514-0914


The Conscious Cities Journal showcases work and thinking by those contributing towards creating a better built environment.

Sally Augustin
Places designed for humans, at any scale, need to recognize and reflect our species’ 6 most fundamental space-related needs.
Architecture, Cognition, Design, Neuroscience, Practice, Profession, Psychology, Wellbeing
Mark Bessoudo
Reviewing the trends in the building industry towards human-centred design.
Architecture, Conscious Cities, Health, Industry, Practice, Profession, Sustainability, Wellbeing
Rebecca Sumerling
The Playbox is a 20-foot steel shipping container bringing creative workshops and events to diverse neighbourhoods.
Case Study, Communities, Green Space, Play, Research, Social, Urban Design
Anja Jamrozik
Carolina Campanella
Brent Bauer
Reviewing two methodologies traditionally used to study the relationship between people and their environment—laboratory experiments and field studies.
Architecture, Behaviour, Cognition, Design, Living Lab, Research, Wellbeing, Workplace
Maria da Piedade Ferreira
Experiments designed to make students aware of their own body’s relation to architectural space.
Architecture, Cognition, Education, Research
Itai Palti
How does the dynamic between user and environment shape one another?
Behaviour, Civics, Culture, Governance, Psychology, Urban Design