Conscious Cities Journal No.3
1 August, 2017

ISSN: 2514-0914


Conscious Cities is a movement focusing on people-centric environments that are aware and responsive using Tech, AI, and Science-Informed Design.

The Conscious Cities Journal showcases work and thinking by those contributing towards creating a better built environment.

Davide Landi
Using an “architectural equation” to observe and analyse the qualities of places.
Aging, Architecture, Case Study, Design, Health, Wellbeing
Michael Makossa
The prominence of ‘visual consumption’ and its influence on design strategy.
Architecture, Behaviour, Culture, Perception, Planning, Wellbeing
Greg Paine
A look at Alexander's work on spatial patterns and arrangements as articulation of how we most prefer to live.
Architecture, Behaviour, Conscious Cities, Planning, Psychology, Urban Design
Andrew McStay
A closer look at some of the ethics and articulation of conscious cities.
Conscious Cities, Ethics, Philosophy, Tech, Urban Design
Nikos A. Salingaros
What are the opportunities and obstacles ahead for neuroscience and architecture?
Architecture, Behaviour, Cognition, Design, Health, Neuroscience, Wellbeing