Conscious Cities Journal No.5

ISSN: 2514-0914


The Conscious Cities Journal showcases work and thinking by those contributing towards creating a better built environment.

Petros Dermatas
How has electric light defined the nocturnal urban condition and in turn shaped our culture and behaviour?
Architecture, Light, Nighttime, Perception, Urban Design
Miriam Hoffman
Where can rest be used to positively impact spatial memory and place attachment?
Architecture, Behaviour, Cognition, Psychology, Research, Restoration, Wellbeing
Alvaro Puertas Villavicencio
What will bridge architecture and neuroscience to reach the real potential of transdisciplinary work?
Neurophenomenology, Neuroscience, Philosophy, Profession, Psychology, Research, Urban Design
Dr. Caroline Paradise
Ruth Hynes
Dr. Michael Proulx
Dr. Alexandra de Sousa
Crescent Jicol
Tayfun Esenkaya
New insights into the factors that can support successful workplace design
Architecture, Design, Productivity, Psychology, Wellbeing, Workplace
Robert Crawford
How can we make sure that insights from research are implemented effectively in a project process?
Architecture, Behaviour, Data, Design, Tech
Hana Leung
The emergence of a new paradigm for the architecture profession fuelled by scientific insight.
Architecture, Behaviour, Neuroscience, Practice, Profession
David Borkenhagen
Have our expectations for these new technologies been inflated by a novelty bias?
Augmented Reality, Design, Futurism, Innovation, Tech, Virtual Reality
Greg Paine
A look at the conscious city as an inherently and ‘lively’ complex interacting network of relations.
Architecture, Conscious Cities, Futurism, Philosophy, Planning