Storytelling as Tool for Equity | Interview with the RI Peoples History Museum
In this interview, we spoke with the Rhode Island Peoples History Museum (RIPHM) and explored how storytelling could be a powerful tool in reimaging a world centered on equity. RIPHM gave us a powerful introduction to the powers of shared and democratized history and how we can use it to inform future actions, policies, and structures. 
About the Rhode Island Peoples History Museum:

The RI People’s History Museum is located in the Peace Dale village of South Kingstown, Rhode Island.

Their goal is to expand the public’s awareness and understanding of the wide variety of people and institutions who have lived worked, and/or shaped the place that is currently the state of Rhode Island. At the same time, they seek consciously to support people and groups in the present moment who are expanding the political, cultural, and economic boundaries of the state to include the complete spectrum of people and identities.  Finally, they act as a resource for people and organizations who hope to preserve their stories for future generations.

As such, the RIPHM is a museum – but not in the traditional sense.  It is also an archive as well as an organizing space, somewhere that people committed to inclusion and genuine power-sharing can draw inspiration, establish connections, and forge paths forward.  At the RIPHM, we look to the past to preserve and tell those stories that will help create a more just future.

Literature, Art, Identity, Belonging, Culture