Urban Management for Social Profit


Prof. Giuseppe Roma

President of Urban Research Institute, Professor of Urban Management

Giuseppe Roma is present President of the think tank RUR (Urban Research Institute). He is a professor of urban management (since 1997), Vice President of Touring Club Italiano and Coordinator of the International Scientific Committee of the Cittaslow World Network. He has served for 20 years (1993 - 2014) as Director General at CENSIS Foundation (1993 - 2014). He was editor of the “Report of Social Situation of Italy” (1994 -2013) and published Industry of Beauty (2018) Global Fears ( 2009), The richness of Italian territory (i 2003).


Linking financial and social profit | The Economic Potential of Neuroscience for Architecture

26 October, 2018

Lombardini22, 22 Via Lombardini, 20143 Milano, Italy