Designing a Smart, Equitable Brisbane

UTC: 28 October, 2021  (08:00)
EST : 28 October, 2021
CET : 28 October, 2021
IST : 28 October, 2021
ACST : 28 October, 2021

As Brisbane prepares to host the 2032 Olympics, it is important that we consider not only "smart city"-related digital concepts but also experiences that support Justice, Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion (JEDI) concepts, enhance citizen well-being, respectfully acknowledge and apply First Nation knowledge, and value non-human perspectives. In this session, industry and academic speakers will provide short presentations on these important topics and consider related questions for future development.

Featured Speakers

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Jenna Mikus

QUT (Brisbane, Australia) & Eudae Group, LLC (Washington, DC)

Jenna Mikus is a strategic advisor, specializing in experiential design and digital transformation that facilitates health in the built environment. She leverages her background in engineering, sustainable architecture, and building intelligence to assist building owners/operators and design firms in anticipating and preparing for market trends. These include but are not limited to crafting pragmatic solutions that balance smart & connected portfolios, engaging environments & experiences, and health & wellness-focused designs. Jenna’s primary objective is to design for flourishing health and well-being using a concept she has adopted (from philosophy and psychology) and an approach she has engineered (for the built environment)—Eudaemonic Design. She is currently pursuing a PhD and teaching capstone design courses across faculties of design, engineering, and business as a sessional academic at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Australia. Her research builds on 20+ years of advisory work conducted with public/private clients across North America, Europe, and Australasia. Before joining QUT, Jenna founded the consultancy firm Eudae Group to advise clients on how best to curate flourishing environments that enhance occupant health and precipitate organizational success. She continues to consult on designing for health and well-being with clients and certification bodies across North America, Europe, and Australasia.